What to Expect (a.k.a. Site Description)

Most of my posts will be IT related, usually explaining something I learned working on a personal project or a project at work.

This might range from something simple like a new command, to an issue that took me hours (or days, god forbid) to find a solution for – which is one thing about IT that I’ve always found a bit …troublesome… sometimes you can never tell how long it will take you to fix a problem.

If you’re wondering what “IT related” means then you might be thinking too far into it.  I work on a lot of different projects, so I will cover quite a few aspects of the information technology realm; there will be some programming, some System Administration (both Linux and Windows), some networking, some security related posts, and possibly a few posts regarding smart phones.  Other items will probably pop-up too but I’m too sleepy to think of them at this point.

I may post about other things that fit my fancy; basically anything that I find interesting or have an urge to rant about.  If you want to know what type of things I like you can visit my “About Me” page (to be posted soon).

For a quick taste, here are topics running through my mind right now:

  • Amazon S3 and backing up a large number of files contained within
  • The debate on gun laws and how to help diminish the chances of another Sandy Hook shooting
  • Static home page vs. dynamic, blog style? Who will win…
  • Switch statements in Python

Till Next Time,

– Stephan

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