First Post – The “Hello World” of Blogging

Hello to anyone who actually reads this!

I’ve had this site up for quite some time now but just haven’t gotten around to getting it set up.  As I’ve been continuing my time working and finishing college, I keep coming across ideas that would be nice to post so I have decided to bunker down and at least start taking the baby steps needed to get this thing going.

Sorry there isn’t much on here yet, but more to come eventually, and I will be editing the look and feel of the site as time goes – I’m not the biggest fan of the default look from WordPress but I have no idea how I want the site to look like yet so I’ll edit the look once I have my light bulb moment and know what I want.

A couple of more posts will be showing up tonight, just figured it would be easier to break them down then have one long giant post.

– Stephan

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